Risk proportions displayed on logarithmic scale; threat proportion < 1 indicates a lower risk of VTE for DRSP, > < 1 shows a reduced threat of VTE for DRSP, > 1 shows an enhanced risk of VTE for DRSP. #Some adjustment factors are shown by superscript letters: a) Current hefty smoking cigarettes, b) high blood pressure, c) obesity, d) family members history, e) age, f) BMI, g) duration of use, h) VTE past history, i) period of inclusion, j) fiscal year, k) education and learning, l) length of use, m) parity, n) persistent illness, o) concomitant medication, p) cigarette smoking, q) duration of exposure, r) website.

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(References: Ingenix [Seeger 2007] 1, EURAS (European Active Surveillance Study) [Dinger 2007] 2, LASS (Long-Term Active Surveillance Study) [Dinger, unpublished document on documents], FDA-funded research [Sidney 2011] 3, Danish [Lidegaard 2009] 4, Danish re-analysis [Lidegaard 2011] 5, MEGA research [van Hylckama Vlieg 2009] 6, German Case-Control research [Dinger 2010] 7, PharMetrics [Jick 2011] 8, GPRD research [Parkin 2011] 9).

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The absolute VTE rates are raised for customers of hormone contraceptives contrasted to non-users, the prices throughout maternity are even higher, particularly throughout the post-partum duration (view Figure 2). The threat of VTE in ladies using COCs has actually been estimated to be 3 to 9 per 10, 000 woman-years. The threat of VTE is greatest during the very first year of use. Data from a huge, prospective friend security study of numerous COCs recommend that this enhanced risk, as compared with that in non-COC customers, is biggest during the very first 6 months of COC usage. Information from this safety research study show that the best risk of VTE exists after initially starting a COC or reactivating (following a 4 week or greater pill-free interval) the very same or a various COC.

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